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Scrap Pirates - Run cycle animation by MoonPhanter Scrap Pirates - Run cycle animation by MoonPhanter
Run - Run and Shoot



During April-May I've been working together with my team (SpRocket) on a demo for a game called Scrap Pirates.
I've been working as Character Animator, creating the player-character animations for the game. These are two of the character animations that I've created for Scrap Pirates.

Scrap Pirates is a 2D metroidvania styled platformer game with focus on 2-player co-op gameplay. The players take on the role of two space pirates that with the use of magnetic abilities solve platforming puzzles and explore the insides of an old terraforming spaceship together in search for valuable scrap metal. A demo of the game was created as an 8-week game project at the Uppsala University Campus Gotland department of Game Design. The demo was showcased at the Gotland Game Conference 2015 (GGC), so if you were at the conference, you most likely saw us!

If you're interested, you can watch our trailer Over Here
And if you'd like you can read about my work on the animations at


Adobe Photoshop Cs5
16 frames


Scrap Pirates belong to my team and me, SpRocket.
Animations by me.
Do not use, trace, copy, alter, re-upload or in any other way use or claim this as your own. Thank you Heart
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June 28, 2015
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